Mushroom Ragout

The perfect vegetarian dish, perfect as a Canapé, Starter or Main

Mushroom Ragout   Ingredients: 1 cup White Button Mushrooms 1 cup Crimini Mushrooms ½ cup White Onions ½ cup Canned Diced Tomatoes 1 Tbsp Fresh Thyme Leaves 2 Tbsp Olive Oil 1 oz Sherry or Harvey’s Bristol Cream Sherry Salt Black Pepper Instructions: Slice the mushrooms thinly and reserve Slice the Onions Thinly and reserve […]

Fuse Brunch Club

Fuse Brunch Club is Barbados’ new Sunday Brunch restaurant created to raise the culinary bar and give foodies and easy going people alike a place where they can come to relax. Formerly based at the prestigious and beautiful Holder’s House, Fuse has now gone mobile, embracing the popular overseas trend of Pop-up’s. A pop up […]

About Us

ca·ter/ˈkātər/ Provide (food and drink), typically at social events and in a professional capacity. Provide with what is needed or required. We are In-fusion Catering Services, Barbados’ first and only fusion catering company. Most people hear caterer and think food and sometimes drinks. At In-fusion we embrace both definitions, we believe in providing our clients […]

The Mixologist

Every week we give you something new, straight from scary but brilliant and genius minds of our resident mixologists. Need recipe for a new cocktail? Ideas for the perfect summer drink? How about tips and tricks of the trade? Well look no further than here. Welcome to the Mixologist!

Fusion Consulting Services

Fusion Consulting Services: In-fusion Catering Services provides a range of consulting services, all designed to accommodate the various needs of the restaurant and event world. Whether it is Menu Design, Design of Inventory Control Systems, Staff training, Restaurant Opening our team can come together to give you very best, to make your restaurant stand out […]

Food Island Blog

On this beautiful island we have so much, beautiful beaches, beautiful people, an amazing culture, amazing food. To the rest if the world we are, paradise, the envy of those in temperate and frigid climates. From a culinary point of view, we are so much more, we are the envy of so many, exotic fruits, […]

In-fusion Catering Services

In-fusion Catering Services is Barbados’ premiere catering, culinary service and consulting company. Created to provide our clients and Barbados with an alternative to the run of the mill food provided by the majority of catering companies in Barbados, In-fusion sets itself apart by providing our clients with a combination of highly innovative food, exceptional services […]

Bar by In-fusion

Bar by In-fusion is Barbados’ only Bar Service & Management Company, founded by Omar Robertson after several requests by our clients for bar staff and services of various kinds. It started as a service of In-fusion Catering Services, to enhance its catering services but now we have grown it into its own brand and entity. […]

Summer Cocktails

“Summer’s here and the time is right, people dancing in the street” Ahhh Summer lovely summer,  warm weather, beautiful women, great party’s, barbecues, and most importantly drinks!!! Yes summer isn’t summer without great refreshing cocktails, and today we have a special cocktail just for you. Summer Kiss Ingredients: 2 oz  Triple Sec 2 oz Absolut Peach […]