Food Island Blog

On this beautiful island we have so much, beautiful beaches, beautiful people, an amazing culture, amazing food. To the rest if the world we are, paradise, the envy of those in temperate and frigid climates.

From a culinary point of view, we are so much more, we are the envy of so many, exotic fruits, seafood, plants and herbs. Great produce grown in the warmth of the Caribbean sun, and picturesque weather to eat it in.

This Blog is a celebration of all these things and so much more, it is a resource, for all things food in Barbados and the Caribbean, with contributors from around the region and the world, we hope to bring you the best in all that is food, wine and spirits. All supporting a single cause, creating dialogue and changing the conversation with regard to food in the Caribbean.

We invite you to visit us frequently, and spread the word.

Welcome to the Food Island