The Whisky Chronicles

Now if there is one thing our team loves,  its a drink, after a long day, you just need one, and for most of us it doesn’t get better than Whisky; Irish, Scottish, Japanese, we’re always in search of a great Single Malt, and so we figured we’d share our opinions and recommendations with you weekly, in a little thing we call ‘The Whisky Chronicles’

This week we asked our Team what were their favorite Whisky’s available here in Barbados and why. Here are their choices, prices and places where you can purchase them.


Dameain Williams – Head Mixologist – Bar by In-fusion








 “Highland park 18.  Its rich ripe floral notes of fresh blossom and fruit salad. Creamy fruity espresso finish. Notes of toffee honey slight citrus. Long finish with herbal edge.” – Dameain


Available from Mount Gay Distilleries

Fairoza Patel – Social Media Manager

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Instagram: or @Roza_Rose



Highland Park 18 YO: Comparing this whisky to Highland Park 12 YO is completely different, this 18 YO is smooth on the palate, full/creamy and aromatic smokiness with a hint of fruit on the nose. Whereas, the Highland Park 12 YO was a bit smokey all round with a bit of sweetness, it was still nice but not as good as the 18 YO! highland-park-18-year-old-scotch





The Macallan Sherry Oak: Anything matured in Sherry Oak seems to be a new thing for me, but this one definitely became a favorite as soon as it neatly touched my palate with its fruitiness with a hint of spice and soft aromas on the nose.Macallan_SherryOak_12yo_Whisky1




The Glenlivet 18 YO: Pleasant aromas of sweetness; definitely love the balance this one gives me on the palate, smooth and quite complex at the same time. This one can be quite refreshing.glenlivet18bottle


All available at Mount Gay Distilleries

Mark King – Photographer – Markings

Mark King






Glenmorangie 10 Yr Old – Light Floral, Sweet, Full of Character, this is the kind of Single Malt you’ll just sit back and drink on its own, on a chill afternoon and just get lost in its simplicity.






Available at Wine World

Omar Robertson – Executive Chef – In-fusion Catering







This isn’t easy but three of my favorites available locally would have to be;

‘The Balvenie Double Wood 12 Yr Old’ matured in two different casks, the first is traditional Oak Whisky Cask, its then moved into a European Sherry Oak Cask. This makes for an amazing Single Malt Scotch. Sweet Fruit and Sherry and Vanilla on the nose and Cinnamon, Nutty Sweetness and a nice Sherry Finish on the palate.  The Balvenie Double Wood





The Glenlivet Nadura 16 Yr Old – Unfiltered, Cask Strength, Fully of Body, this is  a serious Single Malt, no water added like other single malts once filtered and since like most Single Malt’s it’s not chill filtered the natural oils of the wood are present, add some water or a block of ice and you’ll see it become cloudy, but the flavour is one of a kind, Fresh and Intense on the nose with hints of Vanilla & Peach on the Palate, long and dry on the finish, it’s a phenomenal Whisky, but not for the light at heart.The Glenlivet Nadurra





Lagavulin 16 Yr Old – This is as good as it gets in single malt to me, truly one of the best whisky’s I’ve ever tasted, and quite possibly my favorite. This is Islay Single malt the way God meant it to be, Peat-Smoke abounds on this single malt on the nose, add in some spice, sherry and vanilla and you’ll have an idea of what I’m talking about. On the Palate its smorgasbord of goodness, thick and rich body,  massive malt and sherry adding a fruity beautiful sweetness, with big powerful oak and peat-smoke. Finishes long with Figs, Dates, Spice and Vanilla. This isn’t a small Whisky, this is a big one, one of the biggest, and it’s to me, the reason single malt was invented.lagavulin-16yr1





Lagavulin & Balvenie available at Wine World

The Glenlivet Available at Mount Gay Distilleries