In-fusion Catering Services

In-fusion Catering Services is Barbados’ premiere catering, culinary service and consulting company. Created to provide our clients and Barbados with an alternative to the run of the mill food provided by the majority of catering companies in Barbados, In-fusion sets itself apart by providing our clients with a combination of highly innovative food, exceptional services and peace of mind.

We start with our catering service, providing our clients with a vast array of services, from Dinner Parties, to Cocktail Parties, to Gala’s and Openings. We aim to make our clients lives as easy as possible provide a full range of services from catering and service to bartending, cocktail customization for your event. To decorating, for the event, we aim to provide our clients with ease of mind and comfort in knowing that when they hire In-fusion we pay attention to all the details.

We provide Culinary Services for our clients all aimed to ensuring that they receive nothing but the very best.  Our private chef service provides you with your own personal chef for the day or half the day. We have contracted some of Barbados brightest most innovative young chefs each of who have overseas training and experience many working with some of the world’s most innovative chefs of today.

In-fusion Catering Services also provides a number of consulting services, from Menu Design, to Staff Training, to inventory control systems, for hotels and restaurants, to bar and cocktail menu design for bars and lounges. We also provide educational services, for our clients from Cooking classes for small groups to companies as a team building exercises, we believe that in the world where food is becoming bigger and the restaurant world more transparent thanks to the Food Network and other reality shows, the desire for people to want to learn more about food is growing and we simply believe in giving them an opportunity to fulfill their desires.

In-fusion Catering Services is also heavily committed to the slow food movement, sustainable farming practices, and the development and use of local agricultural products in every aspect of or company and the larger public. We are therefore also looking to undertake working with local farmers to develop a better supply chain for ourselves and the larger public. We believe that it’s in our best interest as a nation to be as agro-sustainable as possible. Agro Sustainability = Fiscal Security, and ensures a healthier nation.

In-fusion Catering Services believes catering need not only apply to food, our services cater to you and you needs whenever we can.